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You’ve only got about five computers at your new business, so you just figure you’ll handle them yourself. You think that with cloud software being so easy to use these days, there couldn’t be too much that goes wrong with your tech, and that a managed services provider will not be beneficial, right? 

Then a couple of months later your entire office is shut down by a ransomware infection that makes your data unusable. With only a partial backup in place you’re looking at either paying thousands of dollars in ransom or losing a good part of your digital files, which would cost you just as much or more.

That’s a common scenario that happens when businesses try to handle their IT themselves. There are multiple moving parts to a technology infrastructure, and cybersecurity is just one of them. Backup and recovery is another, and these are both things included in managed IT services.

Certain maintenance and ongoing services are designed to save a company money, not add to their overall expenses, and managed services is one of these. By regularly maintaining your technology infrastructure – the one that keeps your business open and serving customers – a managed services provider (MSP) can reduce your downtime, keep your tech running efficiently and keep your business protected from cyberattacks.

And even if you have only five computers, using an MSP can save you money.

Each unmanaged computer costs a business $5,000 per year.

80% of the total cost of your IT assets occur after the initial purchase, and if you’re not properly maintaining those assets, those costs will be higher than they should.

Using a Managed Services Provider can bring those costs down. We’ll tell you how.

Ways That an Managed Services Provider Can Save You Money

Working with a managed services provider is like having your own IT department. They basically handle everything you need when it comes to your technology, including computers, servers, cloud platforms, tech support, and more.

At B-Comp Services, we work side-by-side with our Broomfield area clients, assisting them with day-to-day tasks, troubleshooting any issues, and ensuring they have the freedom to focus on their business.

Here are five important ways that using an MSP can reduce your costs and help your business thrive.

Protecting You from Online Threats

One of the biggest threats that a business can face today comes from online threats. Ransomware, data breaches, phishing attacks, all of these can cost a company thousands of dollars in lost productivity, compliance penalties, lost business, and data loss.

On average, a cyberattack costs small businesses $200,000, and causes many to close down all together.

When you have a managed services plan, it ensures your network and devices are covered when it comes to security from online threats. Your network is also continuously monitored so any potential threats can be seen immediately and stopped before they impact your business.

Improved Productivity 

The time your staff spends troubleshooting IT issues on their own can add up to a ton of lost productivity. When your computers and network aren’t working as they should it can also lead to slowdowns and work stoppages.

We offer fast and efficient help desk and remote support to help your employees with quick resolutions of any technology issues or questions they may have. 

The goal of an MSP is to keep your business technology operating at peak efficiency and to eliminate or severely limit any downtime. Because IT is so infused with business operations these days, when it’s running either poorly or efficiently, it reflects similarly in your bottom line.

Improved Equipment Lifespan

When your computers, servers, and network hardware are regularly maintained, they run better, and you avoid breakdowns that can happen with worn out parts or things like fans not working as they should.

Just one malfunctioning fan can cause a major data loss incident from an overheated computer. That’s the type of problem that’s caught immediately and addressed well before any crash occurs by an MSP who’s regularly maintaining your equipment.

Maintained equipment means longer usable life, so you get a better return on investment for your technology investments.

Expert Managed Services Provider Technology Guidance

There are multiple options when it comes to cloud infrastructure, business applications, and how to integrate them. If you’re not sure which applications work best for your team, you could end up with lower output and higher cloud subscription costs.

An IT pro works with multiple clients and has a vast background of experience to tap into when making IT suggestions. Your MSP can save you considerable time in choosing the right tools and workflow for your office and can guide you towards the best and most efficient platforms for your distinct needs.

Allows You to Keep Forward Motion

If you’re having to worry about your IT and put out technology related fires every week, that means you’re not making the type of forward motion that you can when you can focus solely on your business.

Your MSP is there to handle all your IT for you and free you to stay focused on forward motion, doing what you do best.

Experience the Benefits of a Managed Services Provider Today!

Are you ready for more efficient technology and the peace of mind that comes from managed data security? B-Comp Services has a team of experts that truly care about your business and look forward to helping it grow.

Contact us for a free consultation today at 303-282-4934 or through our contact form.

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