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It’s amazing how lost and out-of-touch we can feel when our smart phones stop working or when our home computers go down. That feeling of isolation and helplessness is multiplied by 100 (or more) when your business computers or networks go down. In fact, it can lead to downright fear over the livelihood of your company. The management of your information technology system is critical to your business’ success – especially if you rely on your systems to communicate with customers. Whether you offer online retail purchasing capability or communicate with clients electronically on a daily basis, your IT system must be in tip-top shape.

IT Management In-House

If your company has the budget and people-power to handle IT management in-house, your IT staff may have the vast expertise and time to correct any problem that arises quickly and effectively. Unfortunately, having this level of support in-house is often hard to come by – a fact that many companies learn the hard way as they wait (often impatiently) for problems to be corrected.

Outsourcing Total IT Management

The job functions necessary to provide total IT management are often too much for one person or one department to handle. By outsourcing IT management, you can have a team of experts on hand to respond to your every IT need…support such as:
  • Daily troubleshooting
  • Ongoing security measures
  • Resolution of computing errors and network issues
  • Help desk support
  • Server setup and maintenance
  • Cloud migrations
You may wonder how an external IT support system can really be effective if they are not on-site. Actually, when outsourced IT management companies have invested in remote support technologies, the assistance provided may be even quicker than you might think. Our off-site staff will not be sidetracked by other office personnel so we can remain 100% focused on the IT task at hand.

Looking for IT Management? Look to B-Comp.

B-Comp Services is an IT solutions and support company that provides total IT management for small and medium-sized businesses. Based in Colorado, our team can provide personalized networking and distributed systems support to companies across the United States because we have made extensive investments in remote support technologies. While we may not be in your office to celebrate birthdays, you can rely on us to become a true partner in your company’s success. We’ll be celebrating your achievements every single day. To learn more about how we can support your daily processes and streamline your business, contact B-Comp Services at (303) 282-4934 or visit us online by clicking here.

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