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This Month: What is VPN Connectivity?

Welcome to B-Comp Tech-Talk: a monthly blog series that explains technical jargon in simple terms. Last month we focused on server hosting. This month we are covering VPN connectivity.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Networks. Companies that allow their employees to work from locations outside the office need to have a VPN established so information can be shared via the internet in the most secure manner possible. For example, if you travel regularly for your job or work while at coffee shops, simply utilizing a public Wi-Fi network to access your company’s private server will not be a secure way to conduct business. Even accessing your company’s network from your home while you are out sick, for example, can be disastrous if you do not go through a VPN. Hackers can easily access your company’s (or customers’) sensitive information.

A VPN will allow you to access, update and share information with your company’s network while keeping that flow of information safe from outside virtual eyes. This is made possible due to the encryption process behind a VPN. Providing VPN connectivity for your employees can improve productivity and may even boost your revenue.

For the end user, logging into the VPN connection is very easy and allows the overall work experience to remain the same. Remote users can access the VPN connection (and your computer network) through a smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC, etc. All of your internet activity will appear to stem from the location of the server you are accessing. So even if you have traveled to France, but you use the VPN connectivity through your company in Colorado, your internet activity will be shown as coming from Colorado.

There are a variety of VPN options from which to choose. It will require some research on the part of your IT department to determine the best option for your business. It may also be helpful to get recommendations from outside IT support companies to help in your research efforts.

VPN Connectivity Support at B-Comp Services

B-Comp Services is an IT solutions company that provides support to set up VPN connectivity. We use a firewall appliance to ensure the utmost network security and privacy. We can also assess your business needs to help you determine which VPN service would provide the best user experience and network security. Our team has over 25 years of industry experience and we have a true passion for helping companies realize the power of IT solutions.

To learn more about VPN connectivity for your business, contact B-Comp Services at (303) 282-4934 or visit us online by clicking here.

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