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Our world runs on information. We need the uninterrupted flow of information to connect with friends and family, entertain us, shop, research, learn current events and run businesses. Of course, computers, tablets, laptops and smart phones are the way we access information today. Information technology (IT) encompasses a wide range of tasks that keep information flowing smoothly and securely in today’s virtual environment.

Businesses need a strong internal IT department or a reliable external IT resource to stay afloat. This is a 24/7 necessity: your information flow goes well beyond the 9am-5pm work day. Constant IT services can include:

  • Computer server support
  • Hyper-V virtualization
  • Network support
  • Laptop support
  • Managed server hosting
  • Cloud migration
  • Total IT management
  • IT consulting
  • Network security
  • Help desk support
  • Information management
  • Data center maintenance
  • Ongoing maintenance of servers and computer
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) connectivity

IT professionals manage the information flow among your employees AND the flow of information to and from your customers. Technical support can run the gamut from troubleshooting a slow internet connection to establishing and implementing a data recovery plan in the event of a disaster.

The Pitfall of Internal IT

Many companies run into problems when they assume their internal IT department has the robust set of skills and expertise necessary to handle every type of computer issue that can arise. As they scramble to identify the problem and implement a solution, precious connectivity time is ticking away. This can result in lost revenue and lost productivity. In the case of e-commerce, for example, consumers are simply too busy and have too many options to wait for your website to load quickly or be up and running (in case there is a technical issue). If they encounter a problem on your website, they will move on to your competitor.

Why Outsourcing IT in Broomfield is Preferred

One of the main advantages of outsourcing IT services is the fact that your business will have access to a full team of experts, 24/7, to handle any problem as quickly as possible. B-Comp Services is a trusted IT services company in Broomfield, Colorado, that offers this type of support…with a pledge to respond to calls for help within 4 hours, every day of the week. It’s our 24/7/4 guarantee. With our remote support capability, we can help any type of business across the country keep their computer systems running smoothly. Issues such as computer viruses, network slowdowns, computer crashes, security breaches, annoying pop-ups, internet disconnections and more can be quickly addressed with minimal interruption to your work day and 24/7 customer interfaces.

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