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A firewall is a first line of defense for your network, devices, and the data they hold. Firewalls are designed to monitor all incoming and outgoing traffic on a business network, detect any signs of unwanted intrusion, and block malicious attacks.

As attacks have become more sophisticated over the last few years, network security and firewalls have had to similarly advance to keep up. 

For example, one of the newer threats that is now being used prevalently in malware attacks is fileless malware. This is where malicious commands are sent to legitimate operating system applications, thus bypassing standard security that looks for malware code and files.

During the first half of 2019, fileless malware attacks skyrocketed by 256%.

If you haven’t upgraded your company firewall in a while, then you may no longer have adequate protection from the newest threats out there.

Signs That You Need to Buy a New Firewall

A B-Comp Services, we recommend Cisco firewalls because they offer an excellent value, plus advanced threat protection to detect and block the newest threats. These firewalls are also scalable, with solutions for small, mid, and large companies.

Is it time for you to upgrade your firewall? Here are some of the telltale signs that it’s time to get a newer model.

Your Current Model Doesn’t Have URL Filtering

Viruses, ransomware, and other forms of malware often happen because of a click on a malicious link, rather than opening a dangerous file attachment.

Emails with dangerous links make up 88% of all phishing emails, which means you need to have a firewall that not only looks at attachments for malware, but that can also detect dangerous links and block those sites for users.

Cisco’s small business-grade firewall blocks over 280 million dangerous websites. 

Your Firewall Doesn’t Have AI-based Behavior Monitoring

Basic firewalls often don’t have AI-based features, one of the most important of which is behavior monitoring intelligence. One of the ways that firewalls with advanced threat protection are able to detect and block fileless attacks and zero-day malware is by monitoring for known malicious behavior.

This advance intelligence component immediately identifies suspicious system activity that could be the result of malware and fileless attacks. It then blocks potentially dangerous actions and sends up an alert.

Your Firewall Can’t Automate Responses

What happens if a threat is detected at midnight on a Saturday? It could be over 24-hours before your admin sees that alert, when they come back into the office on Monday.

Older firewalls send alerts about suspicious threats, but don’t have the intelligence to automate a response.

Cisco firewalls have Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), that is designed not only to detect, analyze, and alert when a threat happens, it can also address the attack automatically through pre-set security action policies. This means that anytime a threat comes in, even at midnight, its being dealt with to keep your network secure.

Your Current Firewall Doesn’t Have Endpoint Detection Security

Just one addition of a new device to a network, can change your network security. If a new IoT device is added, but your firewall isn’t monitoring it, that means a hacker could get into that one endpoint and go through your network to breach others.

It’s important for a firewall to have endpoint detection security, which allows it to immediately detect when a new endpoint device is added to your company’s network so it can begin monitoring its traffic for any potential intrusions.

Your Firewall Doesn’t Have VPN Support

2020 has changed the look of the company network for the foreseeable future through the need to have employees work from home during the pandemic. Many companies plan to keep remote workers even after the threat has passed. 

This means that network connections are often happening from outside your office and all those WFH employees need to have their traffic secured. This is often done via virtual private network (VPN).

You want to make sure you have a network that can support multiple VPN clients, which allows for additional traffic encryption and security.

Your Firewall is Having Problems with Firmware Updates

As technology ages, it can get left behind when the latest updates and security patches come out. This happens to mobile devices, computer operating systems, servers, and can also happen to firewalls.

If you are having problems installing new firmware updates, and they’re either stalling or giving you error messages, this is a signal that your firewall is outdated and you need to upgrade to a newer model. It’s better to do it sooner rather than later, because updates often contain critical patches for system vulnerabilities.

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