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One of the common appliances in a home or office in today’s world is a wireless access point (AP) or wireless router. Not having a wireless internet connection is seen as an anomaly these days, and for businesses, being online is an absolute necessity.

If you want to bring everyone out from their rooms or offices in a matter of seconds, just shut off the internet connection! 

Approximately 88% of the entire U.S. population is online. 

Having that all-important wireless network in place means you need to have at least one or more wireless access points connected to your ISP’s modem. Wireless networks can include single router setups or can be a wireless mesh system that has several APs that are spread out in various areas.

One struggle that some people have is with the look of those access points and how they blend (or don’t) with the aesthetics of a home or office. Some can look quite bulky, and you generally don’t’ have much of a color choice.

Another challenge in smaller spaces is where to put a wireless AP so it’s not in the way or taking up valuable counter or desktop space.

Some people think that putting their router or AP in a closet and out of the way is the best solution. But while, this may solve the aesthetics or space issue, hiding your wireless access point in a closet is NOT a good idea because it can cause multiple other problems that are much worse than how a router might clash with your office décor.

Here are some of the reasons to avoid hiding your wireless AP in a closet.

Wireless Routers Need to Be Centrally Located

A closet is typically not going to be centrally located to your home or office. You want the placement of your router/AP to be as central as possible so you can send a strong signal throughout the building. 

If you tuck the wireless AP away in a corner closet, then you may find that in rooms and offices farthest from that closet, you’ve got a weak or no internet signal.

Solid Objects Can Block Wireless Signals

Wireless signals can be blocked or weakened by solid block walls or heavy doors. So, by surrounding your router will walls and a door by putting it into a closet, you’re basically making the signal weaker and decreasing the strength and reliability of your wireless network.

Think of it as a lightbulb. If you want to light up a room, you’re not going to put your lightbulb in a box in the corner. The same is true if you want a strong wireless signal. You want your access points to be out in the open with as few solid objects blocking the signal as possible.

The Router Can Experience Overheating

Depending upon how large your closet is or how much other “stuff” is stored in that closet, you could have very little air flow, which can lead to overheating problems with your equipment.

Dust can also collect more easily in a closet because of the stagnant air, which also leads to overheating issues.

Overheating can cause problems such as:

  • Hardware damage & failure
  • Dropped connections
  • Slower internet speed
  • Unreliable wireless connections

Keeping your wireless access point out in the open, helps prevent overheating problems and can help keep equipment running more efficiently, which means you have a faster and more reliable internet connection.

There Could Be Safety Problems

When a router overheats it can potentially cause a fire if there are other materials around it that could ignite. If your router is stuffed in a closet with clothing, paper files, or other similar materials, you could end up with a fire being caused when the electric components go into meltdown mode. 

Easier to Tamper With

If you run a business that handles sensitive data, you may find your router the target of an insider attack. With the right device connected to it, someone could reroute data from your router to another system, allowing a hacker to spy on any transmissions going through your wireless signal.

When your router is tucked away inside a closet and out of the way of normal business activities, it is much easier for someone to tamper with it without anyone realizing.

A router out in the open, especially if it’s mounted high on a wall, is much less likely to be a target because it’s out in the open in easy view of others in the office.

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