B-Comp Services Strives to be the very best

B-Comp Services is driven to be the very best IT managed services provider in the MSP industry. B-Comp continually invests in training and the latest technology necessary to provide best of class remote monitoring and management of your IT systems. B-Comp also offers all customers a rock-solid satisfaction guaranteed policy on all consulting services. The focus on being the very best provider of IT support services has led to specialization in the following areas:

total IT management
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Total IT Management

With B-Comp Services you get Total IT Management. From system setup, ongoing maintenance to Cloud migration and management services, B-Comp delivers it all. Because B-Comp is a full-service managed services provider you do not need an in-house IT department. B-Comp can act as your internal tech department assisting you with day-to-day support tasks and troubleshooting any bumps occurring along the way. Please contact B-Comp today to discuss your goals.
IT Consulting
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IT Consulting

Your in-house IT department does not have to struggle through service interruptions, virus attacks and computer crashes alone. With B-Comp IT Consulting we are here to lend a helping hand and an expert “second set of eyes” to your tech troubles. We understand that your business has a unique work flow, chain-of-command, and system structure. B-Comp engineers are well suited to work with your IT and other internal departments as well as your customers and your vendors, and will represent your company with the utmost professionalism.
cloud migations
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Cloud Migration & Management

Everyone understands you cannot fight gravity. The fact most businesses are migrating to the Cloud is both irrefutable and unstoppable. Jeff Bezos famously said “In business, what’s dangerous is not to evolve.” Migrating to the Cloud can save businesses money, enable enhanced security and provide your business capabilities otherwise impossible to implement due to cost concerns. Operating in the Cloud provides your company a clear competitive advantage over your competition. B-Comp Cloud certified engineers can help your business evolve and migrate to the Cloud after which B-Comp can manage this infrastructure after implementation. Contact B-Comp today to discuss the advantages of operating in the Cloud.

server support
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Server Support

Many businesses rely on Microsoft Windows Server as the foundation upon which many applications and services are delivered to end-users. In addition to server services like Hyper-V, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL Server, Windows servers may also host identity and authentication management, file and print services and even provide the means for centralized backup. Our server management team are experts in the support of Windows Server and one of the many tools at their disposal are server monitoring and patch management capabilities which are used to prevent a significant issue before it occurs.

laptop desktop and support
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Desktop & Laptop Support

The desktop management team at B-Comp Services are experts supporting desktops and laptops and excel in providing technical assistance beginning with the initial setup all the way through providing ongoing maintenance and support over the life of your computer hardware. B-Comp provides a helpdesk for your team when technical issues are encountered such as slowness, pop-ups and malware concerns, application issues as well as any other computer related problems. Most issues can be resolved quickly and remotely via remote management software which saves your company both time and money.

network support and security
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Network Support & Security

B-Comp network engineers are certified and are personally fulfilled when providing support for local or wide area networks. Whether your company requires assistance supporting connectivity between branch offices or the Internet, or if you need a network administrator to manage a firewall appliance or setup VPN connectivity using a firewall appliance, B-Comp is the best IT managed services provider for your company. B-Comp understands network design starts with security and are skilled with the design and implementation of solutions for secure remote access and implementation of secure wireless networks. Please contact B-Comp Services today to discuss your situation and what B-Comp can do to help.

hardware Sales and Services
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Hardware Sales & Services

B-Comp offers hardware sales & services at a significantly discounted price. This procurement service is for current B-Comp customers only and is not a standalone service offering. B-Comp recommends purchasing business class hardware and software in order to achieve maximum return on investment and minimize service concerns and importantly will only recommend hardware and software in the customer’s best interest rather than what is best for B-Comp. Because this service is intended to be a convenience for our customers, and is not a core business profit center, B-Comp will enthusiastically install and configure the hardware and software purchased from other sources.