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B-Comp Services

B-Comp Services focuses on being the very best provider of IT consulting specializing in networking and distributed system support. B-Comp has also made a significant investment in cloud-based and data center hosting technology in an effort to bring your business best of class cloud-based IT solutions. B-Comp Services offers all customers a rock-solid satisfaction guaranteed policy on all consulting services which is just one-way B-Comp sets itself apart from other IT consulting companies.

Server Support

Our server management team recognizes that many businesses rely on their Microsoft Windows Server as a foundation for data operations and storage. In addition to secure file sharing and centralized backup, Windows offers an excellent platform upon which to host client-server applications such as Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SQL Server. Hyper-V virtualization services offers consolidation opportunities which previously were prohibitively expensive to implement. Contact us to discuss our proactive approach to server management for your server infrastructure, applications, backup, updates and security.

Desktop Support

Our desktop management team are experts in supporting desktops and laptops. We are very good with providing assistance with initial setup as well providing ongoing maintenance and support over the life of your computer equipment. B-Comp provides a help desk for your users to contact when they experience technical issues such as slowness, pop-ups and malware concerns, application issues and other computer related problems.  We are able to fix most of issues remotely which saves your company both time and money. Contact us today to discuss your needs and what we can to help.

Networking Support

Allow our Cisco certified network administration experts provide your business support for your local or wide area network. Whether you need assistance supporting connectivity between branch offices and/or the Internet, or a network administrator to setup VPN connectivity using a firewall appliance, we are the IT company for you. We can design and implement solutions for secure remote access using VPN and provide assistance implementing a secure wireless network. Please contact IT consultant B-Comp Services today to discuss your specific situation to see what we can do to help.

Hosting Services

Hosting your servers in our data center can save your company money and downtime. Have your own server? Send it to camp at our secure data center thereby preventing costly downtime. Our data center provides redundant power, 1Gbps bandwidth, secured physical access and fire suppression. If you need a server we can provide you either a dedicated or virtual server with file storage, email, application hosting and remote desktop services all of which secured by an enterprise class firewall. We also provide email filtering services using a cluster of Barracuda spam and virus firewalls which in addition to filtering your email will help reduce bandwidth consumption at your location by filtering your email before it is sent to your servers.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and what we can do to help.

Cloud Migrations

The future of IT is in the cloud. We have helped dozens of businesses migrate their email and upgrade their desktop productivity software using Microsoft Office 365. Google also offers a very competitive package for email hosting, document creation and storage. Tired of tape changes? Online backup is now affordable and reliable. In nearly all cases your business will require IT support to ensure your employees can reach these vital services. We can help you with on-premises migrations to hosted cloud services or help you maintain your current environment. Contact B-Comp today so we can evaluate the services your business requires in an effort to save money and realize the many benefits of cloud computing.

Hardware Sales & Service

Thinking of buying new IT equipment? B-Comp can help you with that! Even if you aren’t quite sure what you need, we will help you find the hardware solution that will save your company time and money and is best suited for your business. The hardware we recommend costs less to maintain over the long run which will save you money and frustration. Does B-Comp sell software too? Yes, we do! We can provide you with software licenses for most applications and vendors including licenses for Microsoft Office 365.  We offer hardware and software for resale because it is often a requirement of our customers. This service is intended to be a convenience for our customers and is not our core business.  Accordingly, we will enthusiastically install and configure the hardware and software purchased from other vendors.

Total IT Management

With B-Comp IT solutions, you get the whole package. From server setup to ongoing maintenance and cloud migrations, we deliver it all. You don’t need an in-house IT department with B-Comp. With us by your side, we’ll act as your business’s internal tech department, assisting you in day-to-day tasks and troubleshooting any bumps along the way.

IT Consulting

Your in-house IT department doesn’t have to struggle through service interruptions, virus attacks, and computer crashes alone.  With B-Comp IT consulting, we’re here to lend a helping hand and an expert eye to your tech troubles. We understand that your business has a unique work flow, chain-of-command, and system structure. We’re not here to interrupt that or slow anyone down. In fact, we hope to achieve the opposite—improved productivity, clarified communications, and streamlined operations.