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Would you trust just anyone with sensitive and personal information regarding your business?

We didn’t think so. In this technology-fueled world, your company’s livelihood revolves around your computers, and with that, your server. Because your server is so vital to your business, it’s important you choose your IT support wisely. 

At B-Comp Services, we’ve assembled experts with over 25 years of experience to form a dedicated server support team. When you’re in need of server maintenance, but don’t know who to trust, look to our Colorado team to provide the IT solutions you need. 

Here’s the deal with our server support:

We understand how much of a role your Microsoft Windows server plays in your business’s success. Because of this, we’ll give your company unrivaled focus and attention to detail, ensuring you’re always satisfied with our server support. Your server is the foundation for all of your data operations and storage, so it is essential to have IT support who knows what they’re doing.

Our IT support can setup up a safe-guarded server experience, with secure file sharing and a centralized backup. And, we can build a platform that will allow you to host client-server applications, giving you a way to communicate and update your server in real time. Examples of client-server applications available to you include Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SQL Server.

And if you’re looking to host multiple servers or operating systems on a single computer, we can setup Hyper-V virtualization for your business. This innovative service allows you to consolidate multiple systems through one machine, allowing you to streamline your IT solutions. Previously, this high-tech option was too costly to implement, but it’s now affordable and possible for your business. Not only that, but it can actually help you save money and time, simplifying your technology and allowing a single user to operate multiple servers.