Would you TRUST just anyone with YOUR
sensitive Data?

It only takes one security related event to lose the trust of your customers and that trust often takes a great deal of time to regain. In this technology-fueled world your company’s livelihood likely relies on both the security and availability of your servers and supporting network infrastructure. Security vulnerabilities are discovered weekly if not more often and these problems may lead to your business being a victim of ransomware or worse. Because your servers are so vital to your business, it is essential you choose your IT support wisely.

What can B-Comp do for your business?

When your business is in need of server maintenance, but do not know who to trust, look to the server support team at B-Comp Services to provide your business the server support you need. Our team will install, configure and manage the installation of your server hardware and software as well as the updates which are required in order to stay safe. B‑Comp will ensure these updates are installed in a timely manner when disruption to your team is minimized. System backups are monitored by the server team on a nightly basis and in short B-Comp works continuously in order to ensure your system is not only optimized for performance but is also secure and highly available.

How does B-Comp manage your servers?

The use of sophisticated software tools, as well as many years of experience, gives the B‑Comp Services server support team the ability to proactively monitor customer servers for both hardware and software failures. In addition to the advanced tools our skilled engineers adeptly leverage, our 50+ years of collective experience help provide your business valuable insights on server security, optimization and reliability. B-Comp will manage the day-to-day operations of your servers as well as the software services running on those servers so your business can focus on business rather than server problems.

B-Comp does the job right.

At B-Comp, security is our top priority. When your business chooses B-Comp to manage your servers you can expect top-notch security as well as be sure your servers are available and optimized as a result of the proactive support provided. When your servers stay secure, available and optimized for performance, your organization saves both time and money. Your servers likely provide the foundation for critical services required by your operations and as a result it is essential to have a knowledgeable IT support team managing your system. The experience of the B-Comp Services server team is just one way B-Comp Services sets itself apart from the competition.