Would you TRUST just anyone with YOUR sensitive DATA?

It only takes one security related event to lose the trust of your customers and it often takes a great deal of time to regain it. In this technology-fueled world your company’s livelihood likely relies on the availability and security of your servers and supporting networking infrastructure. Security vulnerabilities are discovered weekly if not more often and these problems may lead to your business being a victim of ransomeware or worse. Because your servers are so vital to your business it is essential you choose your IT support wisely. 

At B-Comp Services we have assembled experts with many years of experience to form a dedicated server support team. When you are in need of server maintenance, but don’t know who to trust, look to our server support team to provide the IT solutions you need. 

Windows Server Support

We understand the significant role your Microsoft Windows server plays with the success of your business. Our server team will optimize performance and manage the day-to-day operations of your servers and the services running on those servers. Your servers likely provide the foundation for critical services required by your operations and as a result it is essential to have a knowledgable IT support team managing your system.

What can we do for your business? Our server support team continually monitors your servers for both hardware and software failures. In addition our team will manage the installation of hardware and software updates which are often required in order to stay safe. These updates need to be installed in a timely manner when disruption to your team is minimized. System backups are monitored on a nightly basis. In short we work to ensure your system is not only optimized for performance but also secure and highly available. 

Ask us about creating a Cloud based disaster recovery plan which can be enabled in order to ensure business operations are not interrupted.

Server Virtualization

Virtualization refers to hosting multiple virtual machines potentially running multiple operating systems on a single computer system simultaneously. Servers with modern multicore processors with large amounts of physical system memory allow the hardware to effectively and efficiently host more applications and services concurrently than in the past. There are two different types of hypervisors used for virtualization – Type 1 and Type 2. The main difference between Type 1 and Type 2 hypervisors is Type 1 runs on bare metal (the virtualization software as the server operating system) and Type 2 runs on top of an operating system like Microsoft Windows. VMware vSphere is an example of a Type 1 hypervisor and Hyper-V is an example of a Type 2 hypervisor. The Cloud relies on virtualization and Amazon as an example has engineered their own virtualization called Nitro.

Benefits of VMware vSphere

If you’re looking to get the very most out of your server hardware you can host multiple servers or operating systems using VMware vSphere. This hypervisor software is mature and is designed for performance, reliability and availability. This software is complex however and requires significant expertise to manage. B-Comp server team are experts managing VMware vSphere.

Benefits of Microsoft Hyper-V

If you run Windows Server you likely have deployed at least one virtual machine on Hyper-V. By incorporating Hyper-V virtualization into your business deploying new server environments becomes easier and less expensive. Hyper-V allows you to reassign resources and scale your infrastructure up or down as needed and can help simplify testing, backups and data recovery. To start the discussion of incorporating outsourced server support with your business please contact us today.