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When it comes to an IT infrastructure, one of the main supports that keeps your company running is the service you choose for a cloud backup for your data. While backups tend to be “out of sight, out of mind,” when a data loss incident occurs, they’ll quickly be catapulted to the top of any company’s priority list.

Whether your business data resides on multiple employee devices, a managed hosting service in the cloud, or a local server at your office (or a combination of all of the above), if you don’t have a retrievable copy when you need it, you can suffer catastrophic consequences.

Data loss can come from anywhere. Are you properly prepared?

Companies lose files due to:

  • Accidental or malicious deletion
  • Ransomware, viruses, and other malware
  • Hard drive malfunction
  • Computer theft or loss
  • Electrical surges, like a lightening strike on a power transformer
  • Software conflicts
  • Spilled coffee or other physical damage to a device
  • Natural or manmade catastrophe (fire, flood, tornado, etc.)

The average data loss cost per each lost record is $150. (IBM Security)

One of the best ways to protect your business from suffering devastating losses due to a hard drive crash, malware attack, or catastrophic damage to your premises is by using a cloud-based backup and recovery application.

Imagine this common scenario: There is a snow and ice storm that makes it impossible for your team to get to the office for days. You can either lose a week of business, or, if you use a cloud-based backup and recovery system, recover the data you need to employee’s devices at their homes, allowing your company to stay open and continue generating business.

Offsite cloud backups ensure your business continuity in the case of a natural disaster and can mean the difference between severe losses after a major data loss incident at your office or the resiliency you need to keep on going.

Wondering which of the multiple backup options to choose for a reliable cloud backup? Datto is an award-winning software for workplace backup and recovery that offers enterprise solutions that are affordable for small and medium-sized businesses. 

Datto File Sync & Share Backup You Can Trust For Your Cloud Backup

Datto is a cloud backup solution that is designed to be easy to use, offer enterprise features like advanced security, and make the fire restoration process easy. 

Whether your needs are complex or simple, Datto offers solutions for all sized businesses and budgets. These include:

  • File Protection: Unified file backup that’s affordable for all types of companies
  • Workplace: An enterprise grade File Sync & Share platform built for business

Following are some of the advantages of the Datto backup solutions.

Backup All Devices, No Matter Where They Are

You won’t have to worry about mobile devices or remote worker computers not being included in your company’s data backup. Datto can be deployed to back up every device, so you have complete control of your data and won’t miss any files due to a lost tablet or laptop.

Keeps You in Compliance

When you have to comply with data privacy regulations like HIPAA or PCI, the security of your data storage system is of the utmost importance. Datto not only guarantees 99.9% uptime, but their platform is also HIPAA and SOC 2 compliant with 256-bit encryption.

Their geo-redundancy means that if one data center is impacted by an earthquake or hurricane, your data is safe and sound because it’s mirrored on another server in another geographical area.

Visibility and Easy Administration

You can use a web portal to gain access to all data stored on all devices. So, if someone accidentally turns off their backup, you’ll know about it. The web portal allows you to see current backup status and restore files from an earlier backup.

The central administrative panel makes it easy to control all backups from a single place, making it much less cumbersome to keep up with data stored across multiple devices. You can monitor and manage all activity, users, and devices.

Automated and Unobtrusive 

No one wants their backup slowing them down. Datto works quietly in the background communicating between your local drive and the cloud. When a file is added, the File Protection Agent in the software will automatically back it up and will also notice any changes made to a file after the initial backup and capture those, so your backup is always up to date and reflects your device files.

Get a Demonstration of Datto from B-Comp Services For Your Cloud Backup

Backups should be reliable, simple, and allow you to restore your data quickly when needed. Not all backup solutions do this, but Datto does, which is why we recommend it. 

If you’ve been struggling with managing backups of all your various computers and staff mobile devices, give us a call today for a free Datto demonstration and see what a great backup system looks like!

Call us at 303-282-4934 or set up an appointment online.

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