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One of the major upgrades that came along with Windows 10 was the advanced security features delivered via Windows Defender.

In past Windows versions, the security feature was known as Microsoft Security Essentials, but it did not have a good reputation for its antivirus defenses, thus many people didn’t consider it a replacement for a 3rd party antivirus.

But with the new OS version and new name for its built-in security component, Windows users were given a much more robust program that included antivirus and firewall protection along with artificial intelligence for threat detection. 

In fact, Microsoft has put so many features into the built-in Windows Defender that our B-Comp Services IT consultants recommend it over 3rd party antivirus solutions for protecting your devices from malware, like viruses and ransomware.

Malware infections have risen each year for the last 10 years. In 2018 there were 812.67 million malware infections.

The significant and constant threat of malware is one of the reasons Microsoft brought out Windows Defender with Windows 10. Read on for the reasons it’s better than other options out there. 

Protective Features of Windows Defender 

One of the bonuses of using Windows Defender is that it comes free with Windows 10, so there’s no additional charge. But beyond that, it has multiple features that make it a strong antivirus and anti-malware program even if you had to pay for it separately.

Here are several of the features that make it your best options for device security.

1. Nothing Additional to Install

Windows Defender is built into Windows 10, which makes it easy and automatic to use. You don’t have to worry about any software conflicts and there is nothing to configure, it just works natively when you turn your PC on.

2. Real Time Protection

Windows Defender includes an “always-on” protection that monitors behavior to identify malware based upon known suspicious behavior and malicious activities. This is an advanced type of threat protection that helps an antivirus identify threats considered “zero-day” that may not be in any known threat database yet.

3. Cloud-based Delivery for Faster Response

The application takes advantage of cloud connectivity to offer near-instant automated protection. Because it has the ability to work with large sets of interconnected data and use AI-based systems, Windows Defender can dynamically identify new threats as they occur and before they infect your system.

4. Identify Threats Across Multiple Entry Points

Spyware, ransomware, and viruses can infect your system from a number of different entry points. When you use Windows Defender, you don’t need a special software for each different area, it covers them all. It has the ability to detect threats coming through:

  • Email
  • Applications
  • The cloud
  • Websites

5. Ransomware Protection

Ransomware attacks doubled during the first quarter of 2019. They remain a high-impact threat to businesses in every sector. This is another area where Windows Defender can offer excellent protection.

By enabling the ransomware protection in Windows Defender, you can protect files, folders, and memory areas from ransomware and have the ability to restore data if needed.

6. Built-in Firewall

Firewalls help keep dangerous traffic coming from the internet from harming your device and its contents. Not many 3rd party antivirus programs include a firewall to keep out hackers and malicious software, which is one more reason that Windows Defender is the better application to use for device protection.

7. Windows Defender Security Center

The Security Center is a comprehensive control central for all your main security features. You can immediately see if everything is running smoothly (green) or needs attention (yellow). The platform makes it easy for even the least computer savvy user to check their system protection and immediately address any areas of concern.

The Security Center includes:

  • Virus & threat protection
  • Account protection
  • Firewall & network protection
  • App & browser control
  • Device security
  • Device performance & health

8. Windows Defender Browser Protection for Edge

If you use Microsoft’s Edge browser, Windows Defender Smart Screen can help you stay safe while browsing online. It’s built-into Edge and prevents drive-by downloads from malicious websites.

9. Additional Security for Businesses

Businesses gain additional benefits from Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection which provides the ability to restrict devices to only run authorized applications and block behaviors commonly used in malware attacks.

Features helpful to businesses include:

  • WD System Guard
  • WD Application Guard
  • WD Application Control
  • WD Exploit Guard

10. Scores Better Than Industry Average

In antivirus testing Windows Defender’s scores are hard to beat and they are better than industry average.

Protection against 0-day malware attacks, inclusive of web and email threats (Real-World Testing): WD scored 100% (industry average is 99.5%)

Detection of widespread and prevalent malware discovered in the last 4 weeks (the AV-TEST reference set): WD scored 100% (industry average is 99.9%)

Ensure Your Devices are Properly Protected from Malware with Windows Defender

Whether you need help choosing the best security solutions or with configuration of Windows Defender, B-Comp Services can help. Our team of IT experts in Broomfield can put together a cybersecurity strategy to reduce your risk and keep you protected.

Contact us for a free security consultation today at 303-282-4934 or through our contact form.

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