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When you’re trying to keep overhead low at your business, it can be tempting to cut corners on your IT services. You might think that you’ll just call someone in when something goes wrong.

But that reactive “break/fix” approach can end up costing you much more than a proactive managed IT plan

Just think about other types of systems you may have at your home or office, such as your HVAC. If you never have it serviced and just wait until something breaks to fix it, you’re not only suffering from the system being out, you’re also paying much higher costs for emergency repairs. Ongoing maintenance could’ve helped you avoid the outage altogether.

It’s a similar scenario with your technology infrastructure, but more things can go wrong when IT isn’t managed proactively. You’re facing downtime, loss of business, cyberattacks, and more.

What is a Reactive Support Approach?

Reactive support means that you are waiting until something goes wrong or needs attention before you call for IT support. Reactive support only fixes something after the fact and doesn’t do anything to mitigate a breakdown or malware infection from happening.

What is a Proactive Support Approach?

Proactive support means that your IT infrastructure gets regular maintenance, updates, and is monitored continuously for any potential threats. The goal of proactive IT support is to keep costly downtime and other incidents from happening in the first place.

Why Proactive Managed IT Support Makes Sense for Your Bottom Line

Reducing Costly Downtime

Downtime can come in all forms, from 30 or 45 minutes per day when staff is struggling with an IT issue, to major outages that last 1 to 2 days or more due to a cyberattack.

Whether it comes in small interruptions during the day or a full day of lost business, downtime is very costly to any company.

The average cost of IT downtime is $5,600 per minute, and 98% of surveyed organizations say that an hour of downtime costs them over $100,000.

The price you pay from waiting until your system breaks down and needs professional help can be far more than the cost of monthly upkeep. Those managed services help eliminate downtime, saving companies a lot of money in lost productivity and lost business.

Increasing IT Efficiency & User Productivity

Your users can only be as productive as their equipment allows. 35% of U.S. employees say they’re frustrated with their organization’s technology.

Slow computers and sluggish servers hurt productivity and can cause your employees to be less motivated because they can’t do their best.

Proactive IT support includes optimizing your equipment efficiency to keep PCs running faster and networks free of problems. With more efficient systems, your employee productivity can reach new heights.

Improving Your ROI on Technology Equipment

When hardware isn’t properly maintained, something as small as a dusty fan that’s never cleaned can cut your expected return on investment dramatically. 

When you have an IT pro looking after your equipment regularly and keeping it well-maintained, lifespan improves, and you have a longer period before you need to purchase a replacement system.

Ensuring You Don’t Fall Victim to Ransomware or Other Attacks

Cyberattacks have been increasing during the pandemic as attackers take advantage of the disruption and the adjustment to remote teams. 

Ransomware attacks increased 485% last year and remediation costs skyrocketed to an average of $1.85 million. Cloud attacks have also increased, jumping 630% in 2020. 

With such a dangerous cybersecurity landscape, not having proactive monitoring of your network and devices leaves you wide open to a devastating breach that could potentially put you out of business for good.

Proactive managed IT support provides ongoing security of your endpoints and devices and keeps your network monitored for any threats. With a professional watching for and neutralizing any danger as soon as it’s detected, you save a considerable amount of money by being less susceptible to a breach or malware infection. 

Keeping You from Suffering a Compliance Violation

Most organizations must comply with at least one data privacy regulation, and many companies are required to meet more than one. There is PCI for companies that accept credit and debit cards, HIPAA, and Colorado’s data protection laws.

Without proactive IT support to keep data secured, companies can accidentally violate a data privacy regulation and face stiff penalties, including fines and expensive remediation. 

Reduce Costs & Risk With a Custom Managed IT Plan

Managed IT services provide proactive support that lowers your costs and risks. B-Comp Services can work with your Denver area business to customize a plan that fits your needs and budget.

Contact us today to discuss your support possibilities. Call at 303-282-4934 or contact us online.

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