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Below is a summary of our best-value support plans which we are confident will help your business leverage IT in order to increase your Return On Investments in a modern and sophisticated IT business environment.

Gold Service Plan

This is not a traditional responsive break/fix type of service but instead a more proactive, modern approach to IT.


Per User, Per month

*5-users minimum. Project work may be excluded in which case a cost estimate will be provided prior to work commencing.
Platinum Service Plan

Our highest-level concierge support plan covering nearly all IT related services your business requires.


Per User, Per Month

*10-users minimum. Project work may be excluded in which case a cost estimate will be provided prior to work commencing.
Security Focus Plan

The highest level proactive IT support plan combined with enhanced cybersecurity software and services.


Per User, Per Month

*10-users minimum. Project work may be excluded in which case a cost estimate will be provided prior to work commencing.

30-Day cancelation policy regardless of plan.

We want to earn our position in your company every day and are sure you share that view. If we do not live up to your expectations, your business can terminate our agreement with 30-days notice at any time for any reason.

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Cost is only a part of the equation

While cost is undeniably important to MSP customers, it is often not the sole determining factor. Organizations seek a balance between cost-effectiveness and the value, quality, and flexibility that an MSP can provide. We believe our customers’ priorities are:

Better Support at a Lower Cost:
Predictable Expenses:
Scalability and Flexibility:
Reduce the Cost of Downtime:
Transparent Pricing

Fair and transparent pricing builds trust and our service provides tremendous value for our customers. We do not lock in customers with contracts.

Maximize Profits

Our service extends the capabilities of your existing team or eliminates the need for in-house IT staff while providing better support at a lower cost.

Competitive Advantage

Our service ensures that your business remains competitive by leveraging the most current and efficient solutions on the market.

Cost Savings

We operate on a subscription or service-based model which results in lower and predictable IT support costs as well as accurate budget planning.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you ever need to discuss any issues not addressed here, even if you are not a customer and only need a second opinion, we would love to hear from you.

Our pricing is based on a per-user or per-device fee or is based on a flat rate which covers the cost of implementing a specific project. B-Comp does not provide hourly IT support services.

B-Comp can customize a support plan for your company which addresses your unique requirements or in order to tailor a support plan that aligns with your business objectives.

24/7 support is not only beneficial for businesses with operations beyond traditional business hours, but is also necessary in order to avoid the inevitable disruption caused by maintenance done during business hours. There is a slight increase in cost due to the increased availability and staffing requirements.

Cybersecurity is a critical aspect of IT support and basic cybersecurity services are included in all of our plans. However, we have a comprehensive offering which includes deployment of all of our tools which is available for a modest additional cost.

B-Comp invoices customers monthly in advance of the month within which the service is provided. All contracts provide for a 30-day cancelation for any reason whatsoever, so that you know we expect to earn our spot daily rather than trap you into a long-term agreement.

We strive to earn your trust and confidence daily

Experience, expertise, service offerings, ourĀ customer reviews and pricing structure are only a few of the reasons to choose B-Comp Services. Our service will adapt and align with your business needs, growth plans, and budget.

The Power of Secure Tech Support

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