Does your business require server hosting
in a private data center?

The movement to the Cloud is seemingly unstoppable. However some businesses would rather lease or host their own hardware in a private data center than deploy workloads on the big Cloud providers. If your business requires server hosting in a best of class data center with physical security, redundant power, cooling and internet connectivity, look no further than B-Comp Services.

What is B-Comp managed server hosting?

B-Comp Services maintains racks in a top notch data center in Louisville Colorado for use with our managed hosting services offerings. The hosting facility has many compliance certifications and as the case with most data centers the building is secure, is manned 24×7 and in addition to fire suppression systems has the expected redundancies such as backup power, cooling and internet connectivity.

The use of a data center is highly specialized and is deployed today less frequently than in years past given the availability of Cloud offerings from Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. Nevertheless, private server hosting is a service offering into which B-Comp maintains a significant investment. If your needs preclude the use of public Cloud providers this service may be a good fit for your company.

Here is how we provide the hosting service.

B-Comp Services can either host your physical servers in our racks or alternatively B-Comp can provide your business a physical or virtual server hosted on our equipment. Any solution we offer is engineered from the ground up to support your specific needs.

Managed Hosting Services

B-Comp manages the entire networking infrastructure from firewalls and network access to the management of your servers.

B-Comp will also ensure nightly backups are successfully completed. The same complete proactive monitoring and patch management capability as that which is offered to our managed services customers is enabled by default on all hosted equipment.

This is what your business can expect.

B-Comp has provided hosting services to our customers since 2011 and as a result can provide guidance on what to avoid in order for your systems to stay secure and available. Businesses that want to host servers and applications in a secure offsite data center, but do not want to enter into the hosting contracts nor invest and/or manage the necessary networking infrastructure to host those workloads, can benefit from our experience and investment. This expertise will likely result in your company saving significant money but will also implement better, reliable and importantly more secure systems as opposed to that when managing the entire process internally.