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Your business’s server is a complex, yet delicate machine. One wrong move and a lifetime of data can be lost. Not to mention, anytime things go wrong, your productivity screeches to a halt as you troubleshoot what went wrong.  Make business run a little smoother with our managed server hosting.

Why managed services matter:

Server hosting is the kind of thing you think you’ll never need until you do. The second your server trips up, it can feel like the sky is falling. Your business is put on pause as you investigate the source of your struggles, and everything becomes frustrating fast. In the time it takes you to discover what went wrong, contact help, and receive support, you’ve lost valuable company time and money.

But what if you didn’t have to worry about the intricate complexities of your server? What if an IT support team backed by 25+ years of experience could take the reigns? Well, B-Comp can with our managed IT services.

How we can help with B-Comp managed services:

Save your company money and reduce wasted server downtime with our B-Comp IT solutions. With our managed server hosting, we can setup your server in our data center, preserving critical business information and connections and resolving server issues. If you already have an existing server setup in your office, we can even transfer it to our data center using our managed IT services, helping you cut down on costly maintenance and troubleshooting. That way, when things go wrong, our IT support is there to fix it. You don’t have to worry about finding an IT solutions for your server problems, we’ll take care of it.

Managed Hosting ServicesWhat makes the B-Comp data center better?

Our high-tech data center houses redundant power, always ensuring your business’s server is up and running. And, we have 1Gbps bandwidth, providing an unrivaled connection speed, ensuring you have rapid and efficient communications. We also secure physical access to our data center, only allowing IT support technicians with specific security clearance to enter, keeping your sensitive files and information safe from harm. Also protecting your server from being compromised or destroyed, our fire suppression system ensures that your company will be protected in case of emergency and any flames will be extinguished, saving your data.

Find integrated online server hosting with our virtual server.

If you need a server set up, we can provide you with IT solutions via a dedicated physical server in our data center, or a virtual server. With our virtual server option, you can still have the same ease of access, with file storage, email, application hosting, and remote desktop services.  Using our virtual server IT solutions, your sensitive data and integrated intelligence is secured by an enterprise-class firewall, protecting you from invaded privacy and viruses.

Filter through the nonsense with email filtering IT solutions.

And, we also help your business out with email filtering services, using a cluster of Barracuda spam and virus firewalls. By filtering out your emails using our strategized filters, we’ll save you the headache of filtering through spam and those who may compromise your security. On top of that, our managed services will help you reduce bandwidth consumption at your office by filtering your email before it’s sent to your servers, cutting down on your data usage.