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Company leadership is essential in creating the foundation of an innovative and successful partnership with your business.

Our Team

Our culture is a key differentiating factor

Our company culture and core values directly influence how employees interact with each other, our customers and with other stakeholders.

We want to earn your business

We work tirelessly to earn your trust and ultimately your business. We are going to try our very best each and every day.

We do what we say we are going to do

Our goal is to always keep our promises and deliver on our commitments. We respect and value our customer's time.

We eat what we serve

Our recommendations are always based on what we would do if we were in the customer's shoes.

We put our customers first

A customer-centric culture ensures that our team prioritizes delivering value to customers.

Systems Engineer in data center

The people behind us

Leaders who embody and promote the values of the organization contribute significantly to shaping the overall culture.

Image of Owner Stacy Roszel
Stacy Roszel

President / Co-Founder

Image of William R.
William Roszel


Image of Team leader Matt Roszel
Matt Roszel

Senior Engineer

Image of Team Leader Allan Olipane
Allan Olipane


Effective leadership solidifies the foundation

Honesty and earning your trust is a given. While different situations may require different emphases, here are four key priorities we see as essential for managing an effective partnership with our customers:

Strategic Vision and Planning:
Create a positive work environment
Foster Adaptability and Innovation
Maintain the highest level of competency
Trust & Integrity

Trust is a fundamental aspect of leadership which is earned when leaders consistently demonstrate ethical behavior.


Understanding and empathizing with the perspectives, needs, and challenges of team members and customers fosters positive relationships.

Strategic Thinking

Understanding the goals and long term implications of our decisions helps ensure a successful outcome to any project or challenge.

Continuous Learning

Leadership is committed to continuous learning and self-improvement. Training and staying informed about industry trends enhances and builds value.

Join Our Team

A customer-centric culture ensures that our team prioritizes delivering value to our customers

The success of any organization relies heavily on the capabilities and performance of its people. If our culture sounds like something you would like to be a part of we would love to hear from you.

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