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Your in-house IT department doesn’t have to struggle through service interruptions, virus attacks, and computer crashes alone. With B-Comp IT consulting throughout Colorado, we’re here to lend a helping hand and an expert eye to your tech troubles.
We understand that your business has a unique work flow, chain-of-command, and system structure. We’re not here to interrupt that or slow anyone down. In fact, we hope to achieve the opposite—improved productivity, clarified communications, and streamlined operations.

The bottom line of B-Comp IT Consulting

Our IT outsourcing stretches to fit your needs. If you need hosted server support, we can set up your business’s entire digital platform at our hyper-secure data center. If your IT consulting needs involve virus control and firewall creation, we’re here to lend a helping hand. Even if IT outsourcing just means periodic maintenance and advising along the way, B-Comp is there. 
With B-Comp on your side, we can guide your IT consulting guys, office managers, and everyday employees through a variety of technical difficulties and enhancements. Whether it’s a software update that you’re not sure will improve business practices, or a suspicious file that could be causing a virus, let our experts clear up the confusion and ease frustration.
B-Comp IT consulting in Denver, Boulder, and beyond evolves and adapts to fit your business needs. For some, our IT outsourcing services may result in a new computer recommendation, or a cloud migration. Others may require a complete IT overhaul to avoid dreaded crashes and wiped data. No matter what IT consulting your business demands, our system is in place to fill in the gaps that arise after years of changing business practices, employee turnover, and revenue growth. 


Our specialties in IT consulting

We offer complete and responsive IT management for businesses of all shapes and sizes. But, if you’re looking for more of a helping hand rather than a driving force, our IT consulting solutions are designed with you in mind.
If you need IT outsourcing for a specific department or category of support, we can do that. 

Server support

Because the core of our services are focused on total IT management, we have the experience and confidence to handle any IT outsourcing needs your business may require. Your server is the precious and integral core of all business communications and practices, demanding total and prompt cooperation to handle your company’s evolving needs. 
As your source for IT consulting in Colorado, we’ll offer real and proven industry advice that will enhance productivity, reduce lagging, and optimize communications. We can offer up secure file sharing options, as well as centralized backup to store all of your business’s invaluable data. Working as a team with your existing IT support and employees, we’ll develop server solutions that create colossal impact without a drawn-out setup. With all of our IT consulting solutions, our #1 goal isn’t to replace your existing team, but to add a solid foundation that creates lasting results. 
If you’re interested in extending IT consulting into the world of total IT management, learn more about B-Comp’s comprehensive server support solutions. 

Desktop & laptop support

B-comp IT consulting is at the core of all successful business practices in Denver, Boulder, and throughout Colorado. By implementing secure and sustainable IT solutions, we can deliver impactful results that advance the way you work.
With our desktop and laptop IT consulting, we can help your business get up and running, and keep it there. We can provide expert advice and assistance with setting up your computers, adding in intricate specifications and preferences and anything else your business needs. We’ll provide insider IT consulting advice on the best programs and software for your business practices, as well as ongoing maintenance suggestions and IT outsourcing to ensure everything is running smoothly. 
If you face issues at any time and are desperate for IT consulting support, the B-Comp Help Desk was designed with you in mind. As a constant source of advice and remote support, the Help Desk serves to provide an open resource and information funnel for all things IT. Our IT consulting services provide the full scope of support—that means any day, any time, anywhere.
If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for all of your IT needs, B-Comp delivers comprehensive IT management for every department you need. Learn more about our complete desktop/laptop support & management today.

Network support & security

B-Comp IT consulting serves to provide responsive support and resolve ongoing stress. As a source of your ongoing stress, your business’s network security can plague you with constant worry and interruption. With B-Comp as your IT outsourcing support in Colorado, we can provide straightforward answers to all of your connectivity problems.
Our IT consulting for network security includes branch connectivity support, which allows all of your business’s locations to be helped by our Cisco-certified network administrators. B-Comp IT outsourcing can ensure your business is communicating efficiently and clearly, avoiding any interruptions or delays in productivity and service. 
With our firewall support and virus prevention IT consulting, B-Comp is focused on making sure your business doesn’t fall victim to destructive viruses and hacking that can compromise its livelihood. By setting up industry-level firewalls designed around your business’s networking needs and providing ongoing monitoring, we can stop the problem before it starts.
Our comprehensive networking support can provide a hands-on approach to all of your business’s networking struggles. Learn more about our total network support today.

Cloud migration services

Converting your business’s database to the cloud can be a complex and frustrating process. Although cloud servers tend to be more user-friendly, adaptive, and convenient, getting your business there is the issue.
By switching from a physical database to a cloud database, your business is quite literally opened up to all of the possibilities that the cloud has to offer.  Providing ease of access for remote employees, eliminating data wiping catastrophes, and creating room for growth and expansion are just some of the monumental effects of cloud migration, and we’ll get you there. 
With B-Comp cloud migration IT consulting, we’ll be your eyes and ears through your company’s switch to the cloud.  We can assist you with Microsoft Office 365 migration, giving you suggestions for scheduling software, document formation, and contact storage. Google also provides integrated cloud services, which we’re well-versed in as well. If you have a question regarding your cloud services, we have the answer.
If your business is considering a cloud migration but don’t know how to execute it, B-Comp’s solutions stretch far beyond IT consulting. Learn more about our complete cloud migration services today.
Cloud migration MANAGEMENT

Hardware & software recommendations

B-comp is also here to provide expert recommendations and IT consulting for your Colorado business’s hardware and software needs. Since we truly know computers inside and out, we know what works best for your business, and what doesn’t. Instead of relying on a salesman at a retail chain, depend on experts who’s passion lies in IT consulting. We’re not here to sell you the best deal or make the biggest commission. We’re here to provide the most comprehensive and lasting solutions that will make your business thrive.
And, if you’re interested in full-service recommendations and complete support instead of IT consulting, B-Comp’s IT services in Colorado extend far beyond just that. Learn more about our hardware & software sales and services by clicking the link below. 

Our mission

The B-Comp IT consulting team is made up of everyday Colorado people, who, like you, understand the frustrations that come with the tech world. We care about finding efficient solutions for your business, because we understand the vital role that technology plays in its success. With passion, patience, and precise skills, our B-Comp team will work with you to determine the next IT outsourcing steps your Colorado business should take. 
Call us today to setup your free consultation hour and discover the possibilities behind B-Comp IT consulting in Colorado.  Or, send us an email with your business’s specific needs requiring IT consulting, and we’ll see how we can help.