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You do not have to struggle through service interruptions alone. B-Comp Services IT consulting is here to lend a helping hand and an expert eye to your tech troubles. At B-Comp we understand time is money and further recognize your business does not have time for costly IT problems like system downtime. B-Comp IT consulting can help provide proactive solutions designed not only to enhance security but also increase uptime and decrease frustrations.

The Bottom Line of B-Comp IT Consulting

With dozens of years of combined IT consulting experience, B-Comp brings with it the knowledge to address your needs and concerns. B-Comp offers flexibility by evolving and adapting to fit your business needs and requirements. Our top priority is always the security and reliability of your IT systems. With our managed IT services we proactively monitor your system which often results in the discovery of issues before problems occur. From firewall implementation and management, project implementation to desktop & laptop support, we are experts in getting the job done. Put simply whatever your company needs B-Comp can handle.

Regardless, if you need a “second set of eyes” or just want to discuss a possible project or issue your company is experiencing, please consider reaching out to us. We offer a free no obligation consultation and our commitment to you, as is the case with all of our customers, is the advice we give is honest and not driven by self-interest. Our team is friendly and the entire team lacks the stereotypical IT guy attitude to which none of us like to be subjected. Please consider offering us the opportunity to speak with you about your company, our services and potentially what we can do to help you take the next step.

Our SpecialtY IS IT Consulting

Although we offer both proactive and responsive IT management for business, we are focused on developing relationships with clients of all shapes and sizes who prefer a complete proactive approach rather than a reactive fix only when broken type of approach. Implementing a proactive managed process allows our customers to achieve the best results as it relates to IT systems management. If you need IT outsourcing for a department or specific type of support we can do that as well.

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Total IT Management

Your in-house IT department does not have to struggle through service interruptions, ransomware attacks and system crashes alone. B-Comp IT Consulting engineers are here to lend a helping hand and an expert review of your tech issues. The B-Comp team all have a friendly disposition and are well suited to work with your IT team and other internal departments. B-Comp will also work directly with your customers and your vendors should you so choose and will represent your company with the utmost professionalism.

Total IT Management

Cloud Migration & Management

Most agree migration to the Cloud today is no longer a question of if but when. However, some firms may not recognize migrating to the Cloud offers your business a competitive advantage over competitors who have not yet made the change.

Leveraging the economies of scale allows Cloud vendors to offer services and capabilities to customers at a fraction of the price it would cost for your business to implement unilaterally. Some examples include the ability to provision hardware and services to match current needs and further providing the means by which a business can scale the solution larger or smaller based on need. Because you only pay for what you use this saves your company money. The ability to create a complete failover environment in case disaster strikes is another example of something which may be cost prohibitive on-premises. Storage is cheaper in the Cloud than can be provisioned and deployed on-premises. What about security? The capabilities offered when operating workloads in the Cloud far exceed what most companies can implement on their own.

Operating in the Cloud allows your team to focus on business, not managing IT solutions. B-Comp certified engineers can help you migrate to the Cloud and importantly provide ongoing management of the environment and the monthly spend.

Cloud Migration & Management

Server Support

Server management is a key requirement of many of our customers. B-Comp Services takes a proactive approach to server monitoring and management in order to secure the data contained on those servers and importantly ensure those servers are online and available. B-Comp also uses advanced patch management software to enforce the installation of updates.

Often when a server is offline work stops until the issue is addressed. B-Comp managed service plans include 24×7 support which can help ensure updates are installed after-hours and work is not disrupted. If you’re interested in learning more about B-Comp server management, or hope to learn more about Total IT Management, please call us today.

Server Management

Contact us today to discuss your needs and what we can do to help.

Desktop & Laptop Support

Desktop & laptop management is at the very core of what we do. The B-Comp support team can provide expert advice and assistance which often begins with system setup incorporating specifications and preferences required by your organization. The B-Comp Services team will provide insider IT consulting advice on the best hardware and software for your business as well as provide ongoing maintenance and suggestions to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Have you ever faced system issues after business hours and are desperate for IT consulting support? The B-Comp helpdesk was designed with you in mind. As a constant source of advice and remote support, the helpdesk serves to provide an open resource and information funnel for all things IT. Our IT consulting services provide the full scope of support which means any day, any time, anywhere.

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for all of your IT needs, B-Comp delivers comprehensive IT management for every requirement you might have. Learn more about our complete desktop & laptop support and management today.

Desktop & Laptop Management

Network Support & Security

Security is the number one priority at B-Comp Services and this effort does not stop with monitoring and patching networking hardware. In addition to staying patched our networking team works tirelessly to ensure your network and entire system is secure using modern techniques. B-Comp also ensures your network is optimized to work as fast as possible.

Connectivity within your organization is key to your success. The B-Comp Services network team specializes in eliminating all unplanned downtime and on keeping your team connected. B-Comp has invested in sophisticated testing hardware which provides quick analysis of both wired and wireless networking issues. In addition to quickly resolving tricky problems this equipment saves your company money which is just one way B-Comp differentiates itself from its competition.

B-Comp engineers are experts in VPN site-to-site and remote access. Whether you need assistance with security, speed problems, remote connectivity, Internet access, branch office connectivity or even just connectivity issues within your building, please consider giving B-Comp Services a call in order to assist your company with management of your network and system security.

Network Management

Hardware Sales & Service

B-Comp Services will provide your company expert unbiased recommendations for computer hardware and software. This procurement service is an exclusive offering for our current customers only. We understand computers inside and out and we know what works best for your business and what does not. Obviously this is the result of supporting thousands of computers. You can feel comfortable depending on experts whose passion lies in IT consulting. We are not here to sell you what is our best interest or make the biggest commission but instead we are here to provide the most comprehensive and lasting solutions that will make your business thrive.

B-Comp customers enjoy the best pricing and know they are getting what they pay for. Learn more about our hardware sales & services by contacting us today.

Hardware Sales & Services

No Fuss, No Cost
No Obligation Consultation

We will provide your business 1 free hour of consultation in order to determine your needs, goals and learn what can be be done to resolve your IT related issues or optimize your system for your business. We offer this because we understand that every organization has specific demands and concerns when it comes to managed services and IT support and we want to ensure we can satisfy and resolve those issues before we move forward. B-Comp IT support is here to help regardless of your physical location within the United States.

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