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Think back to a time when you were typing up a long document for a work or school project and the power suddenly went out. Unless you were working in a word processing program that automatically saves your document – or you were conscientious about clicking Save every few minutes – you have probably experienced the loss of information…and the accompanying feeling of extreme dread.

Now, magnify that feeling of dread by 1,000 when that loss of data occurs on a much larger scale: your complete business information. A power outage, security breach, physical damage to the building that houses your server, computer viruses and other unforeseen problems can wipe out years of company data. Imagine losing customer information, strategic business plans, budget information, payroll and other data that you use every day to run your business. Without regular backups of your computer systems, your business is taking a huge risk every single day.

The great news is that it’s relatively easy to put a configuration into place to make online backups automated to run on a regular time schedule that you set up. Assuming you choose the right software to meet your business needs, size and budget, these systems will run in the background and give you peace of mind that your data will remain safe in the event of a disaster.

Which Online Backup Program is the Right One?

When you start researching online backups for your business, you will quickly learn that there are dozens of different options with advantages and disadvantages of each one:

  • Some are cloud backup services, others are hardware backups
  • Some have unlimited data; others are limited
  • Some backups are time consuming; others are quick
  • Some have access from mobile devices; others do not
  • Some have quick data recovery; others are slow

Navigating and fully understanding all of these different options can not only be confusing, it can also take up valuable time from your IT department. In addition, if you select an option that isn’t quite right for your business, you may have to repeat the research process and implement a different solution – a process that will eat away at your company’s bottom line.  

The more cost effective and efficient option would be to hire an external company to assess your needs, make recommendations for the best online backup system and implement that system for your business. B-Comp Services can do just that. We know the right questions to ask your IT department or managerial staff to get to understand your data protection needs. We can recommend the best services to save you money, provide the most power, give the best access – whatever your business needs are. To learn more about your options choosing an online backup system in Broomfield, contact B-Comp Services at (303) 282-4934.

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