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It’s been an exciting turnout of events. Password use is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Typical examples are some phones, desktops, and laptops that no longer require password use for users to access.

Passwords have had their ups and downs over the years. They were a great way to keep accounts secure in the beginning, then the sheer number of passwords and the increasing frequency of breaches decreased their effectiveness. 

Using passwords requires people to memorize mnemonics or words to commence online activities. The situation got severe because users had to take note of every site where the password was used. In cases where users forgot their password, they would either get a message to rest the password or lose total control of their accounts.

Using only passwords and usernames to protect confidential data leaves an organization vulnerable to attacks. Digital workers use various online applications to produce an organization’s results. This presupposes that the workers are expected to memorize and change passwords frequently. Often, users are overwhelmed by the tedious processes of using passwords that they settle for shortcuts such as weak passwords, using the same passwords for various applications, and even writing them on sticky notes. 

62% of surveyed employees say they store their passwords in a notebook or journal.

Cybercriminals can take advantage of the actions of users to steal sensitive information and carry out cyberattacks. For this reason, many individuals are turning towards using biometrics to access their online space and gadgets. This passwordless authentication is safer and more secure than the use of passwords.

In this article, we’ll look at passwordless logins’ meaning, how they work, and why you should use them. 

What Are Passwordless Logins?

Passwordless login is a system that permits users to access applications or IT systems without inputting passwords and usernames. The user is only required to provide another form of evidence such as biometrics, token code, or a proximity badge. Passwordless login is also known as passwordless authentication. It is used with Multi-Factor Authentication to provide a better user experience and reduce costs on IT operations.

How do Passwordless Logins Work?

Passwordless logins work by eliminating the hurdles that the single authentication method provides for users. In this way, it stops the activities of attack vectors and improves users’ experiences. Users do not need to memorize passwords or answer security questions. Here are some of the methods used for passwordless login:

  • Proximity badges 
  • QR code
  • Biometrics such as facial recognition, voice, or fingerprints
  • A mobile application

Passwordless login works in combination with the single sign-on. It implies that users can sign in once to authenticate themselves and gain access to all their applications. This multi-factor authentication method encourages users to provide additional evidence before accessing their applications and systems. For example, anyone who wants to access a mobile app needs to tap a fingerprint sensor and sometimes enter a code sent to their phone.

What Are The Benefits of Passwordless Logins

Passwordless logins are beneficial in diverse ways. The benefits provided from these passwordless logins depend on the organization’s unique needs. Some of the benefits are:

A Better Customer Experience

Unlike passwords, the passwordless authentication method is easier for users. Users won’t see the need to create and remember passwords whenever they desire access to applications. This implies that users are subjected to rigorous processes when trying to use passwords are removed.

A report by The Wall Street Journal showed that 44% of users would prefer to sign up for a service if they are only required to provide their biometrics. 

Generate Revenue for organizations

Many individuals will quickly neglect their shopping carts if they have problems with their passwords. This can mean abandoned carts due to technology glitches, which impact sales. Passwordless logins provide ease of use to those using your website, which can increase their engagement with your company.

Improves Security

Hackers will not be able to manipulate users’ biometrics in a passwordless system. However, this is common with passwords. Similarly, it will be near impossible for hackers to obtain users’ biometric information. This greatly decreases the risk of a data breach or account takeover due to vulnerable passwords. 

Reduces Total Cost Of Operation

With passwords, organizations spend a lot of resources on maintaining them in terms of IT support. Sadly, it eats into the organization’s finances and would increase operational costs. Organizations are more likely to spend more on password management than passwordless logins. As such, it is cost-effective for companies to use passwordless logins for their operations.

Eliminate Password Problems Easily

Passwordless login is slowly gaining ground in the tech world. This is a dramatic leap that helps improve customer experience and ensures security. 

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