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Is your business in dire need of new IT equipment? B-Comp can help with that. We understand that with every passing year, desktop computers, laptops, and software systems are streamlined and simplified. Since we’re experts of the IT world, we know better than anyone how critical this constant changing is to your business’s success. A slow computer means slow business, and lowered productivity. 

Because we’re personally invested in your business’s success, we’ll use our expert eye to provide superior hardware & software recommendations, licenses, and even resale products. As a small business, we’re constantly evolving the way we work. We can use our personal experience, paired with our professional expertise, to develop and discover optimal equipment solutions for your business. 

Networking hardware, servers, printers – basically everything you need to keep your business running!

Here’s how B-Comp can advise you on hardware & software products:

Since we’re experts in the field, we know exactly what works for business, and what doesn’t.  We’ll find desktop computers and laptops that cost less to maintain, increase efficiency, and reduce stress. And, we can help identify the best software for your business needs, ensuring your communications and data is running smoothly.

We can suggest optimal desktop computers and laptops that reduce costly maintenance and frustration, giving you peace-of-mind and allowing you to focus on your work. We’ll help you find durable and long-lasting hardware that sticks with your business through it all. That way, you won’t have to spend valuable company time and money on new equipment every year, painstakingly updating and reinstalling programs and data.

Our B-Comp experts can recommend streamlined software that simplifies your business and reduces wasted time, giving you the power to communicate effectively and efficiently. We even offer software licenses for most applications and vendors, that way, we can complete the entire process for you. From suggestion to setup and implementation, we can strategize the most ideal software solutions for your business’s needs, and put them into action.

If you want desktop computers and laptops directly from the source, we also offer resale hardware to optimize your business and save money. And, after we advise you on the best desktop computers, laptops, and software, we take it a step further. Since we’re IT folks, we can install and configure the equipment we recommend, ensuring your setup is ready and open for business.