B-Comp Provides Trustworthy Unbiased Advice

B-Comp Services offers hardware and software sales & services exclusively to customers at significantly discounted prices. Regardless if your needs are new business class desktops, laptops, monitors, printers, networking equipment or physical servers and storage, B-Comp can help. B-Comp is heavily invested in the success of your business and will rely upon years of experience in order to recommend only the best hardware, software and even refurbished gear.

B-Comp is a small business with exposure to countless hardware and software solutions as well as vendors who resell these solutions and as a result we are constantly evaluating our guidance. The personal experience of B-Comp support engineers, paired with B-Comp’s collective professional expertise, helps discover and deliver optimal hardware and software solutions for your business. Most importantly because hardware and software sales is not a core business offering of B-Comp you can count on our advice to be honest, unbiased and in the best interest of your company.

Here is how B-Comp can help with procurement

B-Comp engineers are experts in the industry and know exactly what works for business and what does not work as advertised. Our recommendation for desktops and laptops is selecting business class equipment that costs less to maintain, increases efficiency and lasts far longer than consumer grade computer hardware. Every desktop and laptop obtained from B-Comp is completely wiped and loaded with the most recent hardware updates, a clean version of the operating system with all updates and then finally only the necessary software applications which are required by your organization are installed from scratch. This ensures your security and guarantees optimal performance.

B-Comp also helps your organization identify the best software for your needs based on security, supportability and capability. B-Comp also helps manage software licensing renewals for software subscriptions like Microsoft 365 which prevents an unexpected work stoppage due to license expiration. Many software packages provides the means to automate delivery of the software to end users and B-Comp can help you streamline and automate the customization and installation of your software.