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Why Your Company Needs Email Filtering

It has been reported that 45% of all emails sent are spam.


Does that mean that almost half of the emails in your work inbox are worthless? Maybe. Especially if you don’t have an email filtering process. There are 14.5 billion spam messages sent around the world every day. When these messages begin to clutter your workflow, there can be a negative domino effect:

  • Important messages get buried under a load of spam
  • Valuable time is wasted sifting through the junk mail
  • Employee productivity suffers
  • Dangerous emails shrouded in viruses can create serious security breaches
  • Network servers become bogged down with junk emails

Filtering to the Rescue

Email filters allow you to better control the types of email messages that are allowed into your company’s email network. The email server or software collects the incoming message, checks that message against the criteria you set up and distributes them appropriately. Untrustworthy-looking emails can be automatically placed into a junk or spam folder while good emails can be allowed to enter your active email area.

By filtering out your emails, you can reduce the headaches of filtering through spam and reduce the risk of allowing emails in that may compromise the security of your business. Email filters will not catch 100% of spam emails, but they can greatly reduce the amount of rubbish in your inbox.

There are different email filters on the market today. If your company needs help in choosing the right type for your specific needs, an IT services company can steer you in the right direction and help you manage the process.

Email Filtering Services at B-Comp Services

B-Comp Services is an IT solutions and support company that provides email filtering services using a cluster of Barracuda spam and virus firewalls. We’ll help your company reduce bandwidth consumption by filtering your email before it’s sent to your servers, cutting down on your data usage and keeping your computers safer from viruses. To learn more about email filtering for your business, contact B-Comp Services at (303) 282-4934 or visit us online by

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