When you need Desktop or Laptop Support
time is of the Essence

Supporting desktops and laptops can be quite complicated and time consuming. Your business likely requires experts in the field who can handle any issues that occur but also need your support team to be knowledgeable supporting your specific applications and environment. You need real people you can trust and you can trust B-Comp Services.

B-Comp quickly and with urgency responds to the needs of your team. Engineers devise forward-thinking solutions when supporting your desktops and laptops and are committed to your business goals.

Here is what you get with B-Comp support

When you choose B-Comp Services you have a team of desktop technicians at your disposal who will stick with you from start to finish. B-Comp will setup your computers to your specifications and then will provide ongoing maintenance and technical support every step of the way. This means when your desktop or laptop needs updating, or when there are other issues like your device is running slowly, B-Comp will be there to promptly resolve the problem.

What happens when things go wrong? 

If you encounter a problem with your business computers we are here to help. Users seeking answers to questions or those seeking technical assistance with computer problems can easily reach out to the B-Comp helpdesk either electronically or via the telephone. Our engineers listen closely to the user in order to understand their concerns. Regardless if this issue is an application issue, slowness, pop-ups, malware or any other computer-related problem, your business can rely on the B-Comp helpdesk for answers.

No time wasted with remote support

We understand how frustrating computer issues are and when something does go wrong it is never convenient. Time is valuable and you likely need desktop or laptop support as quickly as possible. Because we understand how crippling computer issues can be our goal is to provide technical assistance as fast as possible.

B-Comp has a custom remote support solution which enables the B-Comp team to effectively provide assistance remotely. This very powerful software allows B-Comp to gather information in order to target the problem and then find IT solutions for computer problems without ever stepping foot in your office.