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The coronavirus pandemic has altered the way we live and work, and many experts believe that things will be forever changed.

Businesses have had to completely rethink how they operate their offices, interface with customers, and keep employees connected. This has led to an even more rapid cloud migration, as companies realize just how vital is for ensuring operational efficiency when the traditional workforce is no longer located in one place. 

Even with the re-openings in Colorado and around the country, many businesses plan to continue having employees to work remotely either part or full-time. They’ve realized that with the right digital tools, many jobs can be done just as efficiently from a home office, with lower costs. 

77% of surveyed companies say that once the pandemic has passed, they’ll have more employees working at least 3 or more days from home than they did previously.

The age of COVID-19 is changing what a company’s vital technology infrastructure looks like, so this means that computer support will also change to match those needs. 

Technology Considerations for a Changing IT Environment

Beyond the dependence on remote workers, IT environments are changing in other ways as well, and those businesses that want to keep up and stay competitive have to ensure they have the computer support they need.

Here are a few technology considerations for your IT support this year and beyond.

Home Office Devices Need IT Security Protection

The computers that employees are using while working from home are no less important than computers in an office. They handle the same data and same type of connections to office cloud accounts and other assets.

Companies need to ensure their computer support and managed services plans are covering those laptops and desktops that employees are using at home to reduce the risk of a data breach. 

Think of them as an extended part of your office network and ensure they have:

  • Patch/update management
  • Managed antivirus/anti-malware
  • Monitoring for health and any threats

Remote Support Plans Get Fast Help to Everyone

A majority of computer and software issues can be handled via a remote support login. This keeps employees from feeling stranded without help when they’re working from home and can ensure both in-office and at-home employees get help quickly.

Remote support is just as effective as if we are sitting in front of your computer. Besides being a “contactless” method of support, it’s also the fastest way to get help when you need it.

With remote support, there is no waiting on a service call. Technicians can login in minutes to diagnose and address an issue and get employees back to their day.

Strategic Cloud Planning

Due to the pandemic, many businesses brought on cloud tools so their team could continue working, But between the need to rapidly adopt cloud apps and the fact that many remote employees just started using apps without permission, a cloud ecosystem can quickly become bloated and inefficient.

An IT support professional can help you take a strategic look at the cloud applications your team uses, help you consolidate and optimize and come up with an integrated cloud strategy that makes sense to support all your business needs in a post-COVID world.

Network Connection Security for Remote Workers

Another area that needs to be addressed when some employees are working from home includes remote connections. Employees are most likely connecting from less secure home routers when not at the office.

It was found earlier this year that 127 common home router models had very poor security.

Since you can’t easily control each Wi-Fi router your staff may be using to get online when working at home, you need to look to remote connection security.

This type of computer support can include:

  • Setting up a business VPN that encrypts user traffic, no matter what Wi-Fi people use.
  • Fortifying remote connections to office assets, like servers and work desktops.
  • Putting cloud application security in place that can monitor and secure device connections to business cloud apps.

Re-thinking Your Office Network 

There are a few different reasons that offices may want to rethink office networks in the age of COVID-19. One reason is to put onsite workers farther away from each other, allowing more space between workstations, printers, and other equipment.

With some employees working remotely, some companies also have the opportunity downsize their office or rethink how space is being used.

Retailers with customer-facing technology, like point-of-sale devices, also have to incorporate safety and social distancing into their network plan.

All these factors give you the opportunity to adapt to the new normal and upgrade you network for better efficiency at the same time.

Get the Support You Need to Keep Your Modern Office Ready for Anything

B-Comp Services can ensure your remote team is fully supported and secured as well as help you with a smart post-COVID cloud technology strategy. 

Contact us today for a free IT consultation at 303-282-4934 or through our contact form.

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