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The pandemic had impacted a lot of things in various supply chains. Most people remember when the pandemic first began how stores suddenly emptied and basic necessities like toilet paper were being rationed.

Another shortage that has taken a little longer to show up has to do with computer parts. Most manufacturers had a certain stock of computers and components before the pandemic, so PCs were still fairly easy to get in those early days, but now things are quite different.

If you’re used to getting that new business PC delivered within a few days of purchasing it, you might have an unpleasant surprise when ordering now. Shortages have led to long waits for new hardware, including things like PCs, servers, and even the new PlayStation 5.

You may also find that you can’t order the desktop or laptop you want to due to out-of-stock notices that do not indicate when an item will be available again.

There are two main contributing factors to the computer shortage that PC manufacturers are currently experiencing. These include the following.

Pandemic Disruption to Supply Chain

Many computer components like chips, graphics cards, and motherboards are made in Asia. China, Taiwan, and other Asian countries were the first to be impacted by the pandemic and had to shut down factories for months during quarantine.

Manufacturing is one activity that can’t be done from home, so factories sat empty and assembly lines stayed idle. This is what has contributed to a shortage of the basic components needed to run computers and other electronic devices.

More PC Demand

With the world shifting to doing as much as possible online, from awards shows to courtroom appearances to countless newly remote workers, computers and electronics, in general, are in high demand.

Leading electronics maker, Lenovo shipped 87 million computers in 2020, and in 2021, it expects to ship 300 million. That’s a huge increase due to the shift in internet use and technology need.

Another reason for increased PC demand is that consumers and businesses have some additional cash in their pockets due to the round of stimulus money. Many business owners are using that to invest in the digital infrastructure of their companies. 

How to Avoid Waiting Months to Get Your New PC

When companies are ready to purchase a new computer, it’s typically because the one being replaced has started impacting their bottom line in several ways.

Becoming Slow & Tanking Productivity

A computer may have become slow and problematic, ruining productivity for the person that has to use it. In this case, a computer is costing you more in productivity losses than the cost of purchasing a new one.

According to a study by Microsoft, using an older computer that’s past its prime can cost a business $2,736 per year due to inefficiency, repair costs, and more.

When this inefficiency cost is noticeable enough for a company to replace the PC, it’s typically already been costing them significantly. 

Not Supporting Newer Software & Updates

When your PC falls outside the “supported” list for new software or an application upgrade, it can bring your forward motion to a screeching halt. Technology changes and evolves at a rapid pace these days, and if a PC can’t handle newer upgrades or operating system features, it’s time to replace it.

You want to replace a computer before you hit a barrier with a software installation or update that won’t install. When you work with an IT pro like B-Comp Services, we’ll keep you apprised of necessary hardware upgrades before they become a productivity problem.

It Has Crashed and Can’t Be Used

The most urgent cause for a new computer purchase is that the old PC has crashed or otherwise become damaged enough that it can’t be used. In this case, it’s vital to get a new computer ASAP, and if you have to wait weeks or months due to a chip shortage, you’re in serious trouble.

Why You Need to Purchase Ahead of Your Need

To ensure you aren’t faced with a major problem due to the PC shortage, it’s important to purchase in advance of your actual need. That way you’ll have a cushion of time that your current PC is still working fine before your computer may finally arrive.

Another tip is purchasing from an IT provider, rather than a big box store. Often, we can get you what you need faster or at the very least ensure your order is a high priority. We can also help you ensure you’re not having to settle for a system that can’t fully support your business requirements.

Save Money & Get the Computers & Hardware You Need

B-Comp Services can help your Denver area business avoid major problems due to the current PC shortage.

Contact us today to discuss your hardware needs. Call at 303-282-4934 or contact us online.

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