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People have come to expect an internet connection wherever they go. One of the first things that a visitor to an office for any length of time will usually ask is, “What’s the Wi-Fi password?”

Giving your wireless password out to visitors or contractors can put your network security at risk because you can’t control what happens to that password once you’ve provided it. That user’s device can also now automatically connect to your network anytime it’s in range.

Whether you have a lot of visitors at your place of business or just get them every once in a while, having a guest network can be an advantage to your business and visitors.

Visitors won’t have to jump through hoops to get an internet connection at your facility, and you won’t have to worry about unknown devices putting your network at risk.

Here are some of the reasons that adding a guest Wi-Fi in your router settings makes sense.

Keeps Your Main Network Better Secured

It’s difficult to say “no” when a visitor wants to use your Wi-Fi, but having unknown devices connected to your main network puts all your other devices at risk.

What if that device is infected with a virus or spyware? The infection could easily be spread to your company server and computers as soon as they connect.

And if a device isn’t properly updated with the latest security patches, it could mean it’s susceptible to a ransomware infection while connected to your network.

A guest network is separate from the main wireless network that all your office devices are connected to, so an infected device won’t be able to impact your company devices.

Even if only used occasionally it’s best to keep those unknown devices from being on the same Wi-Fi with all your business-critical infrastructure.

You Can Give Guests a Wi-Fi Password Without Worry

If you don’t have a guest Wi-Fi set up, when a visitor asks for your Wi-Fi password, there is typically an awkward silence while someone ponders whether it’s allowed to be given out or not. And if that visitor is an important client, it’s hard to refuse their request to connect.

When you have guest Wi-Fi, you can give out the password without worry and even post it in your lobby if you like. You’ll be able to change your guest Wi-Fi password often to keep it more secure without the disruption of every user at your office having to input a new password into their devices.

More Easily Control Network Resources

Network bandwidth is a finite thing and if you have too many devices and processes battling for the same bandwidth, some of them will get slowed down.

For example, you can expect that your employees won’t be streaming a movie while at work, which could take bandwidth from your other activities, but you can’t expect the same of a visitor on your premises.

Using a guest Wi-Fi gives you more control over bandwidth resources and you can keep your VoIP phone system, videos calls, and other important internet-based activities from being interrupted due to a less important online activity.

Keep IoT Devices Separate

Guest Wi-Fi isn’t only beneficial to use for guests, you can also improve network security by putting less secure IoT devices on a guest network, separate from your devices that hold sensitive business data.

Attacks on IoT devices doubled during the first half of 2021, with more than 1.5 billion attacks detected.

IoT devices often don’t have as much security built into them as PCs, tablets, and other work devices, making them one of the most vulnerable areas of your business network.

Putting them on a guest network, apart from your other devices, adds a layer of separation that can contain an IoT device breach and keep it from spreading to mission-critical systems.

Can Be Used as a Marketing Channel

There’s a marketing benefit to having a guest Wi-Fi if you get visitors regularly or if you have a retail operation. Studies show that shoppers tend to stay longer at establishments that offer free Wi-Fi and spend more while there.

You can use the wireless connection screen as a marketing channel and informational tool, and post things on it such as:

  • Product and service ads
  • Form to sign up for your email newsletter
  • Coupons or specials
  • Company directory
  • Directions to the restroom or vending machines
  • Trivia Q&A about your products and services

Set Up a Secure and Effective Guest Wi-Fi with Help from the Pros

B-Comp Services can work with your Denver area business to help you set up a guest Wi-Fi that keeps your network more secure while still allowing you to offer an internet connection to guests.

Contact us today to discuss your Wi-Fi possibilities. Call at 303-282-4934 or contact us online.

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