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Cloud storage is undoubtedly the future of business. It’s cheaper, more flexible and more secure than managing on-premises servers. For small and medium-sized companies, cloud storage is often a no brainer. It’s no wonder that 90% of companies use cloud technology in 2022 – and over 50% of those companies store all of their data in cloud storage. 

Moreover, the cloud storage market is still relatively new. This means that it’s constantly evolving. Vendors continue to upgrade their services, release new offers and innovate. As a result, the cloud storage market is evolving. 

We also need to remember that this space is highly competitive. While Amazon and Oracle might have once dominated the market, they don’t have a monopoly today. Challenger brands are popping up every month, offering new and enticing offers. 

Because of this, cloud service providers can’t afford to rest of their laurels. That’s another reason why innovation in this space is so rife. 

All of these factors are exciting for SMB customers. It means that you can look forward to new and improved cloud storage services. What will these look like? Let’s take a look below. 

Cloud Providers Take Sustainability Seriously 

Sustainability is an urgent issue at an international level. Unfortunately, data centers are some of the most significant contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. However, things are improving.

The big cloud providers have recently made intense commitments to improve their carbon footprint. Microsoft, for example, will be carbon negative by 2030, while Google will be carbon-free by 2030. 

This is great news for SMBs concerned about the sustainability impact of using cloud services. While there is still some way to go, it’s encouraging to see that cloud providers are taking their role in the climate crisis seriously.  

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Supercharges Cloud Services

AI is already being used for a range of business processes, such as invoice automation and data analytics for customer relationship management. AI can also be used to enhance the efficiency of your cloud services. 

Many of the leading cloud providers are releasing AI-enhanced tools that businesses can use to track cloud spending, optimize their cloud instances and track storage usage. Combined, these tools will help companies to reduce their cloud costs and avoid unexpected, hefty bills. 

These services tend to come at an extra cost, but they’re well worth investing in if you predominantly store your data in the cloud. If you’d like help with configuring these services, or would like to learn more, reach out to us. We can assist

Ransomware Protection Becomes the Norm

 Ransomware is an immediate threat to all businesses. This form of malware works by encrypting access to your data and devices. You’ll only regain access after paying a hefty ransom is untraceable bitcoin. 

Ransomware has become more prevalent with the rise of ransomware-as-a-service, whereby hackers sell ready-to-use ransomware to other cybercriminals. Rather than writing ransomware code themselves, hackers can launch an attack in a few simple clicks. 

As the ransomware risk grows, cloud storage providers have taken action. Many now offer integrated ransomware scanning as part of their services. This means that their solutions automatically scan data as it uploads and download from the cloud to ensure it’s free from malware and ransomware.

If a ransomware variant is found, the solution will automatically quarantine the threat before it infects your company. 

Cloud Prices Stabilize and Multi-Cloud Usage Proliferates  

In previous years, businesses have been disappointed to notice annual price increases for their storage. This year, we’re pleased to say that this is unlikely to happen.

Because the market has become so competitive, costs are being driven now. Cloud providers realize that their customers will look elsewhere if they hike their prices, so we expect to see steady prices this year. 

We also predict that more and more businesses will use multiple cloud providers. The benefits of doing this include avoiding vendor lock-in, reducing the risk of downtime and improving access to new and varied services. 

Of course, a multi-cloud strategy takes thorough planning and ongoing management. If you’re interested in learning more about this, speak to us. We can manage your cloud strategy from end to end and ensure you get the best value for your money. 

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