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This Month: Barracuda Spam Firewall  

Welcome to B-Comp Tech-Talk: a monthly blog series that explains technical jargon in simple terms. Last month we focused on the differences between a physical server and a virtual server. This month we will explain a Barracuda Spam Firewall.

A firewall, as it relates to computers, is a security system that is put into place to thwart unauthorized people from accessing or hacking your data as well as sending spam to/from your computer system. At the same time, the firewall allows communications to flow securely in and out among authorized users.

A Barracuda Spam Firewall is a type of hardware and software solution that is installed to protect your email server from harmful viruses, spam, malicious emails, phishing (tricking end users into sharing personal information by claiming to be a legitimate company), spoofing (forging an email so it appears to come from a different source) and spyware attacks. This system can protect your company’s sensitive customer information from being accessed or destroyed by outsiders. It can also help prevent network slow downs or shut downs, occurrences that can ultimately affect your employee productivity, e-commerce and revenue.

If you operate a business and want to protect your company’s information, it is essential that you have some type of firewall installed as a virtual security system. There are simply too many threats that exist in cyberspace.

Benefits of the Barracuda Firewall

  • Up-to-Date: the email scanning technology is continually updated to check for the latest threats. This system uses 3 layers of scanning technology.
  • Comprehensive: external and internal emails are continually scanned for spam and connection to malware sites. (Malware sites can trick you into installing harmful software on your computer, gather personal information, gain access to your computer and more.)
  • Cloud Scalability: the Cloud Protection Layer (CPL) is used to pre-filter emails and pre-scan large documents prior to delivering them to your system.

 Barracuda Firewall Setup in Broomfield with B-Comp Services

B-Comp Services is an IT solutions and support company that has the in-house expertise to help your company set up a Barracuda Spam Firewall in Broomfield, Colorado. We provide the full range of IT support to help your company operate as efficiently, securely and reliably as possible.

To learn more about firewalls for your business, contact B-Comp Services at (303) 282-4934 or visit us online by clicking here.

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