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This Month: What Is Remote Computer Support?

Welcome to B-Comp Tech-Talk: a monthly blog series that explains technical jargon in simple terms. Last month we focused on the definition of SQL server. This month we will explain remote computer support.

As a society, we have become extremely reliant on computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones to not only connect us with each other but also to run our businesses. It is a little unnerving how helpless we feel when our internet goes down, our computer crashes or there is any type of hiccup in our technological devices. For better or worse, technology is simply vital to our existence, especially when it comes to revenue flow.

From House Call to Computer Call

To help explain remote computer support, think of this analogy. Back in the 1930s, it was pretty common for doctors to make house calls to provide medical care without patients having to leave the comfort of their homes. It was convenient and effective. This practice isn’t so common today, but you can think of remote computer support kind of like a virtual computer house call! Remote computer support allows your business to get computer care, right where you work, right when you need it – and you don’t even have to wait for the “doctor” to drive to your business.

In this case, the “doctor” is an IT consultant/technician that is available to fix any type of computer issue you have in your business. The entire process is handled virtually, sometimes with phone communication as well.

How Remote Computer Support Works

In order for remote computer support to work, software is installed onto your computers that allows the support team complete access to your computer information. It is important to choose a support team that you trust completely with your sensitive business, customer or patient information. When you have any technological problems, you simply contact the support team and allow them to remotely log into the device you are using so they can troubleshoot and correct the problem on the spot.

Benefits of Remote Computer Support

  • Quicker resolution of problems
  • Access to a full team of experts with a wide range of expertise (if you choose a comprehensive support team)
  • Support available for in-office staff or staff that works remotely
  • Eliminates need for internal IT staff
  • Cost effective option for IT support

Remote Computer Support at B-Comp Services

B-Comp Services is an IT solutions and support company that offers remote computer support. Our services are reliable, our staff is extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy and our software systems offer secure computer support to protect your sensitive data. While this is a virtual service, there is always a real person behind the support – someone who cares about your business and is committed to getting you back online as quickly as possible. We understand how computer issues can hinder your operations, so we work hard to get your productivity back up to speed.

To learn more about remote computer support for your business, contact B-Comp Services at (303) 282-4934 or visit us online by clicking here.

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