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About Us

B-Comp Services is a Colorado based IT Managed Services Provider (or MSP) with offices located in Westminster Colorado. B-Comp focuses on providing IT solutions and support to small and medium sized businesses throughout the United States and additionally B-Comp provides cloud migration and management services to businesses who have already, or would like to, migrate their IT workloads to the Cloud. B-Comp continues to make significant investments in training and software solutions which provide B-Comp remote connectivity capability, patch management and proactive alerting for hardware and software failures as well as software providing the ability to create and share complete system documentation. B-Comp engineers have many years of experience which helps quickly address longstanding technical issues as well as address new technical challenges with the speed and efficiency your business needs.


There are two common models for providing IT support – break/fix and managed services. With the break/fix model assistance is often provided only when requested or when a problem occurs and when work is complete the client is billed hourly for time and materials. With the managed services model the managed services provider assumes a shared responsibility for the environment and due to the nature of their engagement they are obligated, and contractually required, to provide proactive, active and timely ongoing IT support and maintenance. The cost for managed services is often a fixed monthly cost based on a per-device or per-user count. One problem with the break/fix model is it does not support the effort to address ongoing security problems which today are a daily concern. One of the many benefits of managed services is the fixed cost for services will require the goals of the provider be better aligned with those of the organization. For this reason and many others B-Comp is a managed services provider rather than a provider of break/fix or on demand support services.

Hardware and software sales

B-Comp Services exclusively offers its customers the highest quality hardware and software. You can always rely on B-Comp to provide your business unbiased recommendations based entirely upon the best interests of your business.

We consider privacy and confidentiality a top priority.

We understand the need for privacy. You can absolutely trust that our team will keep you protected and provide you with the IT services you need with the highest degree of confidentiality.

satisfaction guarantee

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Our managed services agreements offer a 30-day cancellation and as a result we will earn your business daily. B-Comp Services customers are almost entirely derived from referrals from other customers and therefore B-Comp will never stop working to obtain your complete satisfaction.

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