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While having your “head in the clouds” may make you appear absentminded or unrealistic, having your IT in the clouds will help your company become productive and intelligible. The present and future of IT is the cloud. If you want to protect your company’s data as well as the ability to securely and efficiently communicate internally and externally, it’s time to migrate your company to the cloud. If you’re ready to explore this way of running your business, here are 5 tips for cloud migration:

  1. Develop a comprehensive outline of your current IT infrastructure to know exactly what operations and assets you have in place. Outline your company’s goals with the migration and how you want your employees and customers to be able to communicate. Understand what types of security measures must also be in place for your business to operate.
  2. Identify the best cloud provider to meet your company goals. Take into consideration each provider’s strengths such as scalability, data capacity, cost, etc.
  3. Determine what data and applications to move and in what order. Consider any downtime and security issues that might affect your business. Make sure to include back-ups of your data throughout the process to ensure you don’t lose important information.
  4. Throughout the migration process (and beyond), provide continual training and support to your employees and IT department to make the transition as smooth and as clear to understand as possible.
  5. Partner with an IT support company that has extensive experience in cloud migration. Outsourcing this process to the right company can help your business learn which platforms are right for your IT infrastructure and aid in the transition process. This can help save time and money while keeping your employees as productive as possible during the transition.

Throughout the process, your IT support company should be providing metrics to show how the process is going, including any mishaps along the way. The cloud migration process can be tricky if it is not well planned in advance and implemented in a systematic way. Once the process is completed, it’s important to continue ongoing monitoring to ensure the new system is running smoothly.

B-Comp Services is an IT solutions and support company that can help your company get its IT head in the clouds – as quickly and painlessly as possible. Our cloud service providers can set up on-premises migrations or hosted cloud services right in your office. To learn more about how our IT solutions can support your specific business needs, contact B-Comp Services at (303) 282-4934 or visit us online by clicking here.

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